Studio Sneak Peek: Bikram Yoga Mississauga

Its been a good month since Lisa Macinnis opened the door of Bikram Yoga Mississauga. This beautiful, bright and cozy studio is quickly growing and always ready to welcome new students. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the studio, OMB has a sneak peek at the beautiful space. Check out more info on BYM’s web page and stop by for a class soon!


The washrooms…



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3 responses to “Studio Sneak Peek: Bikram Yoga Mississauga

  1. Congratulations from Bikram Yoga of San Luis Obispo. Beautiful studio! Namaste, Lori

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  3. Thank you OMB for this beautiful post 🙂 I love it!! And thank you to all the amazing yogis in the community who have been coming out to visit 🙂 Hope to see you all soon! Much love, Lisa

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