Studios in Toronto

Active Yoga (High Park)

Bikram Yoga Beaches

Bikram Yoga Bloor

Bikram Yoga Centre (Downtown)

Bikram Yoga Forest Hill

Bikram Yoga East

Bikram Yoga North

Bikram Yoga Central North (Richmond Hill)

Bikram Yoga Red Tree (Etobicoke)

Studios in Ontario

Bikram Yoga Guelph

Bikram Yoga Kitchner

Bikram Yoga Kingston

Check out our Google Map of all the Bikram Yoga studios in Ontario, find the location closest to you, a studio to try on the weekend or just get an idea of where the Bikram community is located.

View Bikram Yoga in Ontario in a larger map

*we at OhMyBikram have not had a chance to visit all the studios in Ontario, but we are working on it. If you are from one of the studios that lack a description, leave us a comment below and we will update our information. Thank you, OMB

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  1. Michel Giroux

    Great site, but you need to run a spell check and fix your typos. There are several typos!
    I know it’s a small thing, but an important fix.

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