Links We Love

Bikram Yoga World Headquarters

Things to Read

Paige Williams’ 60 Day Makeover (Part I) Paige Williams writes about her 60 day challenge for Oprah Magazine

Paige Williams’ 60 Day Makeover (Part II)

Emmy Cleaves on Bikram Yoga

In an article for LA Yoga,Emmy Cleaves breaks down what makes the practice so beneficial

Bikram Yoga 101 Local and international challengers weigh in on their experience of completing a 101 day challenge

Things To Watch

Bikram on 60 Minutes an interview with the man himself

Bikram Yoga Inc Channel a page run by BYCOI of TV spots spanning many decades

Bikram Yoga Dallas Channel a channel full of student features, competition videos and more

Yoga Competition Mini Documentary a great mini-doc on the Hatha Yoga Competition

Standing Series Demonstration by Hatha Yoga Champions watch the postures executed to their fullest depth

Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Promotional Video an inspiration to anyone considering training

Bikram Yoga White Rock’s Video a beautiful and informative video from a studio in BC

Friends of OMB

Tara McMullen Photography Bikram Yoga Teacher and photographer-extraordinaire Tara McMullen shows off her shots

Carmen Diaz Pollak Teacher and Eastern Hatha Yoga Champion Carmen’s graphic design site

Other Bikram Blogs

Lock The Knee – Juliana Olmstead aka thedancingj tells us all about her journeys through beginners, advanced and teacher training.

Hannah, just breathe – Hannah blogs beautiful and often poetic reflections on her Bikram practice.

YOGAtta EAT! – Lori Givens of Bikram Yoga Memphis blogs about healthy eating for yogis.

Noho Yoga – Bikram Yoga Teacher, Charlie Hubbard, blogs about the stories and knowledge he gains during his travels through the Bikram world.

Lucy’s Yoga Adventure -Bikram Yoga Teacher, Lucy, travels across the US in search of attaining as much knowledge about teaching and running a studio as possible.

Chronicles of a Bikram Yogini -Bikram Teacher, graphic designer, mother and knowledge seeker Danielle blogs about her Bikram journey.

Mind Playground – Copywriter turned Bikram Yoga Teacher, Mei writes about teaching and practicing.

Bikram Boogy – Bikram Yoga Teacher and star preformer Paul McQuillan’s completed blog about his teacher training.

Bikram Yoga Challenge Bloggers

Bikram 101 Guest Bloggers from around the world join Heather Molina in her 101 Day Challenge and share their stories day by day.

60 Bikram Yoga Challenge – Bikramyogachick blogs from Bikram Yoga Summerlin.

Year Long Yoga Bender – la leah blogs about her journey doing 10 backbends every day for a year.

Action JoJo’s World – Another Bikram 101 Blogger chronicles her challenge day by day.

A Happy Yogi’s Blog – Coming from Stokholm, Sweden; Happy Yogi blogs about the 101 Challenge.

Bikram 60 Day Challenge

7 responses to “Links We Love

  1. Hello OMB!
    I love your blog- I stumbled across it on Facebook- Marj Wong was in my Training Group and saw she posted about her Thailand Trip. Mika Yoga Wear would love to be a “Friend of OMB” My husband & I came up with our clothing line together and it all was inspired by practicing and teaching Bikram Yoga so we hold much gratitude and appreciation for the practice.
    Let us know if there are any other ways we can get involved- I write a few blogs & would be happy to send some links your way too:)

    Take care,

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  3. Fantastic website.
    Very impressive that you all got together in Toronto to create this site that is informative and fun.
    I will link it to my bikram yoga website.
    If only we could get together like this in NY
    Many many thanks. You are an inspiration.

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  5. Hey OMB! We are so loving your write ups and coverage. Thank you for spreading the love. So happy to see this grow and inspired by you.
    Blessings – Kimberly and Lauren @onzie

  6. Hello Barb, Thanks for writing your blog; I found it via a Pinterest pin.

    fyi – the Emmy Cleaves link needs to be updated to

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