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OhMyBikram is a labour of love for editor and founder, Barbora Simek. Born out of the desire to inspire the yoga community and provide a forum for the exchange of stories, information and knowledge, OMB is a place for everyone who practices Bikram Yoga wether it is your first class or your thousandth.

OMB’s content is rounded off by the contributors who generously donate their time and words to these pages. If you’d like to contribute, just send us an email, we always love the extra help.

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We are always looking for contributions, feedback and ideas so if you:

  • have an amazing yoga story to share
  • would like to know something about your practice, teachers or community
  • have a testimonial
  • know a funny yoga story
  • had a Bikram Yoga “Aha!” moment
  • have been inspired by someone
  • heard a great quote from your fellow students, teachers, studio owners or books
  • have a burning yoga question

Then we want to hear from you! Leave us a comment, or email us :



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