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A letter to OhMyBikram Readers

Dear OhMyBikram Readers,

I’d like to start off this letter with an overdue apology. It has been too long since this site has been updated.

Since creating OMB a year and half ago I have been continually surprised and humbled by the hunger for our content and the support you all have offered OhMyBikram.

Over the past few months, as a result of my personal career pursuits outside of the yoga community, updating OMB was next to impossible. However, in my absence from these pages I continued to watch as site views remained steady (300-400 of you still visit the site daily) and online subscriptions grew to include over 500 people from all over the globe.

I would like to personally thank each of you for continuing to have interest in the work that has gone into this site. Each subscription notification in my inbox felt like an affirmation of OMB’s relevence and a reminder compelling me to write for you all again.

Let me make it official, OMB is back. You can expect new posts, posture clinics, news updates, testimonials and features as of this week. For those of you that have left comments and questions, I will be getting back to you within the week, in the meantime I appreciate your patience.

As always I welcome your submissions, comments, questions and concerns. Feel free to contact us by commenting on our posts, emailing us at ohmybikram@gmail.com, follow us on twitter or like us on Facebook.


Barbora Simek

OhMyBikram Editor




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Vote for the next OMB logo

With the help of designer Lee Travaglini OMB is coming up with a new logo. We’ve narrowed it down to one design but now we need your help to make the final call. Tell us which one you like best!

Logo #1

Logo # 2

Logo # 3



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