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Sweat the Small Stuff: a photo essay

by Barbora Simek (text) and Caitlin Hicks (photos)

Photographer and yogini Caitlin Hicks joins OMB with her stunning yoga photo essay. Hicks is a fourth-year photography student at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD). The images below are a part of her final project in which she photographs yogis of Bikram Yoga Toronto.

“In photographing this series, I aimed to get away from the idea of photographing each pose, instead I examined the intense form and focus that is required throughout the 26 postures,” said Hicks.

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News and Events: June

There are some great things cooking in hot rooms around Toronto  this summer, and we’ve got a list of this month’s hottest events.

In Toronto…

Sunday July 13th 6:30pm

Bikram Yoga Centre in partnership with Tim Ledger is doing a fundraiser class for the Friends for Life Bike Rally for the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation.

$30 gets you a week of unlimited yoga ($20 going to charity).

Click here for more info.

30 Day Challenges…

Bikram Red Tree

continues its challenge with challengers completing their 30 days on the 15th of June.

Bikram Yoga Toronto

kicked off their 30 Day challenge June 1st and is offering a special on the one month membership at $125 (tax in), it’s not too late to sign up!

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Quote of the Day

” Remember, you are not working against body. You are working for your body, with your body.”

Dana Moore, Co-Owner, Bikram Yoga Toronto

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News: Hot Yoga for Haiti

by Barbora Simkova

Yoga is a profound vehicle for self growth and change but there are also yogis out there who use yoga to change the world around them.

Red Cross workers in Haiti, photo: Associated Press

Next week, Bikram Yoga Toronto will be running “Hot Yoga for Haiti” during which, on February 10 all evening classes will be by donation only with all proceeds going to Canadian Red Cross’ relief efforts. Please note that no class passes will be accepted during the evening classes. This is a great opportunity to bring a friend, or someone who tried the yoga once and didn’t return.

Bikram Yoga Forest Hill is also collecting donations all month at the front desk for relief efforts in Haiti.

Please donate generously.

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News: Coconut Water Returns to BYB

After a long drought, coconut water has finally returned to BYB! And to make it even better, they are the first studio to carry Zico Coconut water in Toronto. For $3 you can pick up Original and Pinapple Vita Coco or you can get Original and Mango Zico water.

If you are feeling hungry or need a quick boost, try one of the new and delicious (yes, we tried them) vegan, organic Pro-Bars for $4.  Try one of the two flavours:

Nutty Bannana Boom

  • Energy and potassium-rich from bananas and nuts
  • Certified Organic, 100% Vegan
  • Rich in Raw foods – 70% Raw
  • Good source of Omega 3 and 6
  • 9 g of plant based protein
  • Superfood Slam

  • Delicious meal replacement
  • Contains organic Acai berries
  • Rich in Raw foods – 70% Raw
  • Good source of Omega 3 and 6
  • Fantastic source of greens from Amazing Grass
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    Diary of a Yogi: Face of Determination

    by Eddie Solidon

    Eddie Solidon, Eastern Canadian Hatha Yoga Champion, dispatches from Bikram Yoga Toronto about his yoga adventures in his Diary of a Yogi…

    Eddie Solidon in Tree Pose photo: Barbora Simek

    I just finished day 31 of my ‘Do-as-many-classes-in-a-row-without-skipping-and-doubling-up’ Day Challenge. I’ve seen my practice come a long way in those 31 days and am getting told to move up to the first row to give new yogis some idea of how to do the postures.

    Even when I was starting my practice in NZ and Aus, I had teachers encourage me to practice up in the first row. In Christchurch I always had it in my head that it was hotter up there and would kinda avoid it for that reason. But the real reason why I really try to avoid the front is so I don’t have to look up close and directly into what I call the Face of Determination or FoD.

    What makes up the FoD?

    It’s like a really aggressive sports action shot, with veins popping out and tendons and muscles in the face flexed, only it’s the opposite. This look has a soft gaze, yet eyes are focused intensely, no wrinkles in the brow or forehead, jaw relaxed, mouth closed while breathing normally through the nose, or as normal as you can.

    It only really applies to the most of the standing series, since that’s when you’re looking at yourself in the mirrors and really need to concentrate.

    You see, I’m short sighted and so I avoid the front because when I’m right up there I can actually see the Face in full effect. So, I tend to settle in around the second or third row depending on the lighting of the studio. I still need to be able to see that my throat is visible in Half Moon or that my fingers are pointing between my brow in Standing Bow. Any further back from the mirror and I’m just a blur in black tights.

    But when I do end up real close to the front mirrors and the Face comes out ,(because it is definitely unavoidable) I definitely hold my postures longer.

    Truth is, I’m just trying to get in tune with myself. The Face of Determination is just another aspect of my practice that I’ve come to notice , named but have yet to really come to terms with.

    So, if you see me throwing myself a little Blue Steel in the mirror, I’m probably just trying to change things up a bit. I’m actually a little embarrassed when people see my FoD.

    How do you like yours?

    Namaste folks, Namaste.


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