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The 30 Day Debate…what do you think?

Last week, teacher Paul Askew created quite the stir and debate on Facebook about the 30 Challenge. Here is a peek at what went down. OMB wants to know what you think about the 30 Day Challenge…

The comment that started it all:

Paul : I was just pondering the 30 day challenge. Isn’t it 30 DAYS? Not 30 classes? So, shouldn’t it be 30 consecutive days — not 30 classes whenever I can fit them in? It’s not called the “30 Class Challenge” after-all!

Summer: A purist. I like it!

Carola: Yeah, I have actually ALWAYS wondered that too

Annie: Actually, Senior Semantics, the terminology is “30 classes in 30 days” now shortened to be called the “30 day challenge.”

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30 Day, 60 Day, 101 Day Challenge?

With  30 day challenges going full steam at Bikram Yoga Toronto, Forest Hill and Bikram Yoga East, and a 60 day challenge starting in February at Bikram Yoga Centre, we thought we’d pass along a little inspiration for ya’ll.
A student at BYToronto, Heather, has kicked off her own 101 day challenge. What is extra special about Heather’s challenge is the online community that she has gathered. Broadcasting on her blog, twitter and Facebook group, Heather has over 300 fans and followers who are cheering her on. That, and her efforts have inspired others to join her challenge.

We will have an interview with Heather coming up soon, but for now check out her blog and join her Facebook group, or join the movement, its not too late challengers!!

Bikram 101

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