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OMB Conversation: it’s all in the Details

by Barbora Simek


The February 2011 issue of Details Magazine featured a full article on Bikram Yoga under a gasp-inducing title. The Overheated, Oversexed Cult of Bikram Choudhury, was undoubtably sold to an editor as a racy behind the scenes expose into the culture and sexlives of teacher trainees. Understandably, many of the yogis in the Bikram community have stood up to declare their disappointment and outrage at the content. At OMB we want to know what you think of Bikram’s latest press scandal.

Here is what I think…

The article describes the routine of teacher training from the perspective of an outsider, while exploring the sex lives of male trainees. And to be honest, for any guy going to training in hopes of finding a mate, the odds are stacked in their favor. I know few men who go to training and DON’T take advantage of these odds. Relationships, flings, marriages and more start at training and it is no secret. While the drastic majority of teacher trainees take to heart Bikrams “no kissy kissy…” instructions, the majority of male trainees indulge in the opportunity before them.

Some people on the Details page call for the writer to be barred from his profession as a professor while others lecture that he has missed the point of yoga. I would argue, that many of these people have missed the point of journalism.

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Media Monday

These concepts, carried out during the practice of yoga, can be readily applied to one’s poker game,” says this great article about how a regular yoga practice can up your poker game.

Writer Martin Haworth gives you a breakdown on why the heat IS good for you.

Forbes lists Bikram Yoga as one of “Asia’s Weirdest High Paying Jobs.”

Researchers discover the benefits of doing yoga for cancer patients.

Find of the week:

“Making the practice of hatha yoga accessible to six billion people worldwide is the primary philosophy underlying the development and growth of Bikram Yoga,” writes Craig Villani in this fantastic article summarizing Bikram Yoga.

Best of Bikram Yoga Blogs

“Push paranoia aside and just keep walking. And talking. Keep reciting dialogue and just walk,” writes Marcia McGonagle in her long (but so worth-the-read) account of TT Week Six.

At Bikram Yoga NYC,”artists tend to their equipment diligently with their Bikram yoga,” writes Yoga Lily.

I actually get turned on at Bikram Yoga pretty often,” admits Diana Cage in her insightful article on how and why you can have an orgasm during your Bikram practice.

“Some hours are kind of lame and pointless, and some hours are absolutely transcendent.  Just like in class, we go from maximum effort to maximum relaxation in half a second,” reflects Juliana Olmstead on Week 6 of teacher training.

At Hannah just breathe… our favorite blogger reflects on her yoga crush, “Crushes are like that, though—they are meant to be fleeting.  They are meant to charge on in, knock you right over, and then rush on out, leaving you breathless, buoyant, and, usually, a bit unsatisfied.”

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The best of Bikram Yoga news and blogs this week

The best of Bikram in the news...

Otto Cedeno teaching class Photo: J.C. Rice for the New York Post


The best of Bikram bloggers…


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Bishnu Ghosh Cup Photos

After an incredible weekend, we have two new Bishnu Charan Ghosh Cup Champions, Kasper Van Den Wijngaard (Netherlands) and Brandy Winfeld (USA). The streaming of the event online as well as the photos were executed by Mike McInnis who did a wonderful job keeping everyone in the loop with regular listings of up to date standings, live streaming and photos.

Click on the links below to see Mike’s photos from the weekend:

Women’s International Semi-Finals

Men’s International Semi-Finals

Women’s USA Championships

Men’s USA Championships

Mike’s full list of albums, including the 2008 Championships

OMB contributor Eddie Solidon in Cock Pose Photo: Mike McInnis

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The Bishnu Ghosh Cup

With Hatha Yoga Champions from around the world set to grace the stage in LA this weekend to compete in the Bishnu Ghosh Cup, we at OMB will be here with all your yoga coverage over the weekend.

Courtney Mace, 2009 USA Champion in Full Standing Bow Pose. Photo: USAYoga

Courtney Mace, 2009 USA Champion in Full Standing Bow Pose. Photo: USAYoga

Guest blogger Juliana Olmstead aka thedancingj from the blogs Lock the Knee and Bikram 101 will be reporting back to us with yoga coverage throughout the weekend.

You can all join the live feed online of the USA competition on Friday at USAYoga and the Bishnu Ghosh Cup on Saturday and Sunday at YogaCup.

In case you are just hearing about the yoga competition, OMB has your questions covered. Check out some of our previous posts featuring links to great articles about yoga competition. We’ve also resurrected our post of the top three questions asked about yoga competition to answer your competition queries below.

Q: How do you compete in yoga?

Competitors compete by performing a 3 minute routine of 5 compulsory and two optional postures. compulsory postures are:

  1. Standing head-to-knee pose
  2. Standing bow-pulling pose
  3. Bow pose
  4. Rabbit pose
  5. Forward stretching pose

Optional postures are chosen individually from the advanced series

Q: How is the competition judged?

A panel of judges marks each competitor on the following criteria

  • Grace
  • Walk
  • Movement
  • Style
  • Steadiness – points are deducted for wobbling or a fall
  • General Appearance – this includes costume, hair, clarity of skin and eyes
  • Performance of Postures each pose is marked out of ten, with more points given for challenging poses

Q: Isn’t yoga competition a paradox?

Yoga competition has a rich history in India. Still there are many people who are outspoken against yoga competition in North America. While some argue that yoga is about achieving peace which competition contradicts, enthusiasts say that true yoga competition is less about competing with each other but rather about achieving personal bests. Rather than competing against each other, competitors compete against themselves.

The purpose of competition, according to Rajishree Choudhury, is to promote the heath benefits of hatha yoga practice, and to inspire younger generations. Competition occurs naturally in life and as well within hatha yoga. It is a measurement of the physical practice, and in no way seeks to crown the “best yogi”. Rather, competition celebrates and rewards the yogi with the most accomplished physical practice.

Here is what our guest blogger, Juliana had to add (click on the quote to get to her full post),

“Competition” gets a bad rap, but it’s not inherently a bad thing.  When good people compete with each other – not against, but with – without malice or pettiness, everyone improves from it.  Bikram likes to point out that competition is the foundation of democracy, and I think he’s got a point.  Without competition, you have either a monopoly or a caste system, right?!  Everything in life is competition, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Finally, for a quick fix, check out these videos of Toronto’s finest in competition as well as an inspiring demonstration from Alisa Mathews, 2009 Bishnu Ghosh Cup Champion.

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Community: Support your Bikram Bloggers

OMB has updated our link list to include other bloggers, here is our list of places you should check out! We are constantly looking for more great places to get more info, so please let us know if you know of places we should visit!!

Other Bikram Blogs

Lock The Knee

Juliana Olmstead aka thedancingj tells us all about her journeys through beginners, advanced and teacher training.

Hannah, just breathe

Hannah blogs beautiful and often poetic reflections on her Bikram practice.


Lori Givens of Bikram Yoga Memphis blogs about healthy eating for yogis.

Noho Yoga

Bikram Yoga Teacher, Charlie Hubbard, blogs about the stories and knowledge he gains during his travels through the Bikram world.

Lucy’s Yoga Adventure

Bikram Yoga Teacher, Lucy, travels across the US in search of attaining as much knowledge about teaching and running a studio as possible.

Chronicles of a Bikram Yogini

Bikram Teacher, graphic designer, mother and knowledge seeker Danielle blogs about her Bikram journey.

Bikram Bootcamp

Jenn from Seattle wrote in this completed Teacher Training blog EVERY DAY (an amazing feat!), a great resource for those considering TT.

Mind Playground

Copywriter turned Bikram Yoga Teacher, Mei writes about teaching and practicing.

Bikram Boogy

Bikram Yoga Teacher and star performer Paul McQuillan’s completed blog about his teacher training.

Bikram Yoga Challenge Bloggers

Bikram 101

Guest Bloggers from around the world join Heather Molina in her 101 Day Challenge and share their stories day by day.

60 Bikram Yoga Challenge

Bikramyogachick blogs from Bikram Yoga Summerlin.

Year Long Yoga Bender

la leah blogs about her journey doing 10 back-bends every day for a year.

Action JoJo’s World

Another Bikram 101 Blogger chronicles her challenge day by day.

A Happy Yogi’s Blog

Coming from Stockholm, Sweden; Happy Yogi blogs about the 101 Challenge.

Bikram 60 Day Challenge


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Get your OhMyBikram on!

We are so grateful for all the support that OMB has been getting from the Bikram Yoga community. If you are loving our posts, here are some ways to get connected and get notified about what is going on at OMB…

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