Sweat the Small Stuff: a photo essay

by Barbora Simek (text) and Caitlin Hicks (photos)

Photographer and yogini Caitlin Hicks joins OMB with her stunning yoga photo essay. Hicks is a fourth-year photography student at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD). The images below are a part of her final project in which she photographs yogis of Bikram Yoga Toronto.

“In photographing this series, I aimed to get away from the idea of photographing each pose, instead I examined the intense form and focus that is required throughout the 26 postures,” said Hicks.

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“I felt it was important to get into the yoga environment in order to create images that capture the true idea and emotion of this practice. Perspiration is a main component, cleansing the body of toxins from the inside out. I felt that shooting in the hot room would be the best and most practical way to capture all the components together.”




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8 responses to “Sweat the Small Stuff: a photo essay

  1. Allyson

    Love the photos! Especially: Hands-to-feet pose, Head to Knee, Balancing Stick, Pashimottanasana. These really do capture for me the intensity of the postures/class. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Chara Stuart

    Lovely! Are there permissions for using these photos?

  3. DL

    These are gorgeous! They really speak to me as a Bikram practitioner… I’m really curious about the comments you’ve had from non-hot-yogis.

  4. Would love to contact the photographer for use as well.

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  6. KTO

    I do the marketing at a studio in Ny… I would like to frame the series and put them up in the studio… would that be okay?

    Let me know either way- beautiful!!!

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