Vote for the next OMB logo

With the help of designer Lee Travaglini OMB is coming up with a new logo. We’ve narrowed it down to one design but now we need your help to make the final call. Tell us which one you like best!

Logo #1

Logo # 2

Logo # 3




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2 responses to “Vote for the next OMB logo

  1. Carol Simpson

    As a designer myself, I can say that I like #1 and #3 the best. #2 is not as rich or distinctive. I voted for #3 because I think that the white remaining inside the petals makes the logo pop more.
    Kudos to the designer. Good job!

  2. Scott Helton

    I agree with the above comment. However, there’s a problem though with your voting page. The layout is messed up, so it looks like there’s an extra version of number 1 at the top. This leads one to believe that the one with white inside looks like it’s number three instead of number two. I voted for the wrong one, and I’m assuming that the woman above did the same since she also cited the wrong number…

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