Media Mix-Up

“My mother used to do yoga regularly, and once she tried Bikram, the kind of yoga where they dress in hot pants and heat up the room until your eyes melt,” so opens Lee Schneider’s consideration of whether we need to be cleansed to be spiritual.

Image by Jason Schneider courtesy of New York Times

“An Indian government body tasked with protecting the country’s rich heritage of medicinal and medical philosophy and practice has started filming hundreds of asanas – yoga poses – in an attempt to make a rigid system out of this most flexible of meditative practices,” reports Jason Burke for the Guardian.

Daily Global asks, “Are you cool enough for competitive yoga?” in their article about yoga competition.

Find of the week:

“The class has barely begun and it is not going well for Long Pants.  Bikram watches him while the rest of us continue with the posture, staring straight ahead, hoping that Long Pants will get it together. He doesn’t,” writes Kristina Chandler of her experience joining, struggling and surviving a teacher training class as a beginning student.

New York Times tells us the most ridiculous yoga behavior in their list of the worst yoga etiquette violations and in response, Social Workout facilitates a hilarious comment thread (filled with many Bikram nightmares) on the same topic. Everything from soda drinking, to shattered glass, to poor clothing choices and in-between.

Best of Bikram Blogs…

“What also surprised me was that first class back felt like home,” writes Eat the Yolk blogger about her return to Bikram Yoga after a 10 year hiatus.

“Even when you are feeling like you can’t possibly get up and walk out of the class at this point because you are physically and emotionally exhausted, when the teacher says something positive to you, you get a tiny bit of energy and you are able to pick yourself up. Amazing what you can do with just a tiny bit of energy!” reflects Marcia McGonagle upon week seven of teacher training.

Training updates come to us from Juliana at KeepItLocking, and from ThatsMyTri.

“Let’s get dirty… Just so you know, there are 2 types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber (oatmeal, oranges, apples, carrots, nuts) is good for absorbing toxins and regulating blood sugar. Insoluble fiber (whole wheat, leafy green veggies) prevents constipation and regulates pH levels,” writes Lori Givens on YoGotta Eat in a post all about fiber.


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