Media Monday

These concepts, carried out during the practice of yoga, can be readily applied to one’s poker game,” says this great article about how a regular yoga practice can up your poker game.

Writer Martin Haworth gives you a breakdown on why the heat IS good for you.

Forbes lists Bikram Yoga as one of “Asia’s Weirdest High Paying Jobs.”

Researchers discover the benefits of doing yoga for cancer patients.

Find of the week:

“Making the practice of hatha yoga accessible to six billion people worldwide is the primary philosophy underlying the development and growth of Bikram Yoga,” writes Craig Villani in this fantastic article summarizing Bikram Yoga.

Best of Bikram Yoga Blogs

“Push paranoia aside and just keep walking. And talking. Keep reciting dialogue and just walk,” writes Marcia McGonagle in her long (but so worth-the-read) account of TT Week Six.

At Bikram Yoga NYC,”artists tend to their equipment diligently with their Bikram yoga,” writes Yoga Lily.

I actually get turned on at Bikram Yoga pretty often,” admits Diana Cage in her insightful article on how and why you can have an orgasm during your Bikram practice.

“Some hours are kind of lame and pointless, and some hours are absolutely transcendent.  Just like in class, we go from maximum effort to maximum relaxation in half a second,” reflects Juliana Olmstead on Week 6 of teacher training.

At Hannah just breathe… our favorite blogger reflects on her yoga crush, “Crushes are like that, though—they are meant to be fleeting.  They are meant to charge on in, knock you right over, and then rush on out, leaving you breathless, buoyant, and, usually, a bit unsatisfied.”


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