OMB’s Favorite Things

Clockwise from the top right:

“Can you believe it!?” Bikram Yoga College of India has updated their website after years and years of having the same page. We’re still getting used to navigating the pages and finding all of our favorite content but we are digging the new update!

After years of varying success, Lululemon has finally come up with a bra that truly works for hot yoga. Other models have proven too tight, unflattering or have used fabric that is too heavy. But Lulu’s new Layer me bra is the prefect combination of good style, support and light fabric. We’re a big fan!

Just this January, Kombucha Wonder Drink released three new flavours. Already addicted to their Asian Pear elixir, we are now also equally enamored with their new Cherry Cassis flavour. This drink is yummy in a yogi’s tummy!!

Looking for inspiration, OMB has hit the books…

We’ve picked up B.K.S. Iyengar’s Tree of Yoga, a wonderful read that explains the philosophies behind yoga and compliments much of Bikram’s lecture’s in teacher training. Written in a simple yet eloquent fashion, this book has gotten us inspired to hit the mat more often.

After a good read we hit the couch and watched Enlighten Up, a wonderful documentary about a journalist trying to find the yoga practice for him by traveling around the world and seeking out yoga gurus across America and India. Full of wisdom, laughs and a few teary moments, this is a great documentary to watch alone or with your favorite fellow yogis.

We told you about Pretty Organic cosmetics in this post a few weeks ago. Since our post, Pretty has launched a wonderful website and has gotten us hooked on their Facial Cleansing Grains. This product makes a soft, grey clay-like facial wash that draws toxins out of your skin, clears pollutants and environmental toxins and invigorates your skin, we like the sound of that! (available at Essence of Life Organics in Kensington Market)


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