Media Monday: Best of Bikram blogs and news

In the news…

Bikram Choudhury photo Dave Hill for Forbes

Yoga Champion Brandy Winfield talks competition with the Examiner.

Bikram Yoga Teacher, Allison Berkley reflects on her amazing experiences on a Synergy Yoga Retreat in Talum, Mexico.

Practitioner Jim Chatlas reflects how Bikram Yoga has changed his life for the better.

Forbes explores Bikram’s plans to franchise Bikram Yoga.

The Mayo Clinic breaks down why any yoga practice is good for you.

The Yoga Lunchbox says governments should make Bikram Yoga mandatory and asks if Bikram Yoga is a victim of yoga snobbery.

The Washington Post asks a nutritionist if coconut water really is “nature’s sports drink.”

“I didn’t want to be a part of it. I want to improve people’s health, not be connected to one individual who is worshiped,” said Dr.King Rollins in an interview The Examiner about why he steered his studio away from the Bikram method.

In blogs…

‘Word is a funny Word’ blogger Lexington makes a case against all those who say Bikram Yoga is not “real yoga.”

“Jesus himself would probably say, ‘What the hell? It’s hot.'” writes ‘Eat the Yolk’ blogger in a post about loving and hating the heat.

“Thing is, I fight with myself all the time,” admits ‘Hannah, just breathe’ blogger in this beautiful post on being a little too hard on yourself.

Juliana Olmstead and ThatsMyTri keep us up-to-date on their experiences in teacher training.



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2 responses to “Media Monday: Best of Bikram blogs and news

  1. Thanks for the little reference 🙂 I love this site and check it often. Kudos to you all for maintaining it–I get a lot out of reading your posts and links.

  2. Great round-up – thanks heaps for including two of my articles. Loved Lexington’s article too. Off to read up on a few of the interviews now.

    Blessings from New Zealand!

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