Studio Sneak Peek: Bikram Yoga Red Tree

Located in Etobicoke, Ontario, Bikram Yoga Red Tree is the labor of love of Seema Mistry and Vesna Jarcevic. This space, beautifully designed by Vesna’s industrial-designer husband, allows students and staff to interact in a positive and airy space.

As students enter they are greeted by the spacious lobby and beautiful artwork on the walls. All the lights face the walls helping to add to the warm atmosphere.

The lobby from the perspective of the mens change-room.


The beautiful studio space, with bamboo flooring. One of the most innovative features of the studio is the forced air heating system the ducts of which are all in the floor.

The duct work beneath the floors.


One of most stunning design elements of the studio: the red-tree desk that ties together the interior space and name of the studio.

The desk is slightly elevated so that staff who sit at the desk are eye level with clients who come in and sign for class, making interaction more comfortable for both parties.


Studio owners Seema (left) and Vesna (right).


The studio entrance through the red-hot door and the front desk area.

A view of the ladies change-room.





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3 responses to “Studio Sneak Peek: Bikram Yoga Red Tree

  1. YogaMama

    Wowie Kazowie!

  2. Melanie Levcovich

    congratulations vesna

    I dont know if you remember me but I was a teacher at merton street

    your studio looks beautiful best of luck in your new endeavour

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