Guest Blog: How to keep your carpets smelling fresh

by Chad Clark

Chad Clark is the owner of Cavalry Service Inc. which specializes in supplying hot yoga studios with custom heating systems (including eco-friendly options). His client list includes studios from all over the USA, including the new Bikram Yoga Headquarters in LA. He joins OMB with a post about keeping your studio smelling fresh in the stinky summer months.

photo: Bikram Yoga Bronx

It is soon maximum “Stinky Season” for all carpeted studios. Warmer weather has a curious effect on hot yoga studios: it makes bacterial carpet infestation multiply and increases risk of infections. To cover up the unsanitary stench of the carpet bacteria, you could try ineffective cleaning and perfumes, or try a more effective options.

Small air purifiers rarely work, you will need something powerful that can actually destroy the bacteria causing the smell. Choices are slim, but here are some that could work for you:

High-output Ionizers work, but only if you can seal the room up tight with an air circulator and get a high dose of Ozone into the carpet fiber. But, beware Ozone is a poison and you can be sued for it if you fail to air out the room completely after an ionizing treatment.

Negative Ion Generators have been in use for a few years and can make a substantial difference. A forced air heating system so equipped can help keep the room smelling fresh during class as well.

Carbon air-filters will last about 30 minutes and need to be changed. There are some high-tech chemical absorber filters now on the market, but they do have chemicals- who can trust that?

High output UVC lamp systems have been in use in Yoga studios since 2003 with remarkable success such as the Sanuvox Biowall 60 which can kill airborne pathogens as well. Don’t be fooled by the little version designed to kill mold on a coil-many studios have been duped into that waste of money. You will need no less than 4-36″ lamps for an average studio to kill the smell.

The best solution which has been slowly gaining footholds in Bikram and other hot studios is the Zebra Flooring Mat as a non-slip carpet alternative. Most studios prefer it in the grey 1/2″ and install it over their concrete or wood floor. It is odor and VOC free, made of recycled latex foam and covered in a tatami textured fully cured vinyl skin. You can vac it, mop it, sweep lint off it and it will last 30 years. It lays down flat and requires no glue so it can leave with you at the end of your lease.


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  1. nikki lee

    is the zebra mat approved by bikram? i’m looking for alternative.

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