Posture Clinic : Full Locust Pose

by Barbora Simek

Full Locust Pose

Poorna Shalabhasana

Ashley Hooper in Full Locust Pose image: Bikram Yoga College of India

“This is the hardest posture to improve. No matter who you are if you just struggle, you will get 110% benefit.” Bikram Choudhury

Anatomical Focus

Strengthens/ Firms:

Lower and Upper Back

Muscles of the upper arm (deltoids, triceps)

Abdominal Muscles


Muscles of the upper thigh (hamstrings)

Calf Muscles






Helps with poor posture, relieves and prevents lower-back pain

Helps relieve lumbago, arthritis, rheumatism, cervical spondylosis

Helps to massage abdominal organs, aiding with digestive problems (flatulence, constipation, indigestion)

Helps regulate and prevent menstrual problems

Helps with loss of appetite and fatigue


Releases and breaks through fear, concern and overwhelming responsibility


Stimulates the Muladhara Chackra

Posture Tips

Always look up in this pose. While it is tempting to look in the front mirror to check your progress, looking up will help to finalize the arc of the pose while delivering benefits to your cervical spine.

“You are an air-plane, not a car. So look up, not forward.” Carmen Diaz Pollak, Teacher, Bikram Yoga Centre

Keep your arms and legs active, the tighter they are the lighter they will feel.

Bring your focus to activating the muscles of your back and truly feeling the strengthening sensation of the posture. This will help you to activate the muscles more and often will help you achieve more height.

Tips from the Pros:

Think of stretching your elbows back, then up in the pose. – Criag Villani

Do not bend your knees in the posture because you are breaking the static arc of the posture – Craig Villani

The body should be higher than the feet – Rajishree Choudhury

*”Tips from Pros” from lectures of Craig Villani Nov. 3rd 2005 and Rajishree Choudhury May 13th 2007


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