Trust the Process and other Teacher Training advice

Craig Villani at the Fall 2005 Teacher Training in Los Angles photo: Barbora Simek

by Barbora Simek

You’ve packed more short shorts than you ever thought you’d own, you’ve got a new waterbottle, pens journals, clothes and have spent hours drawing your name on your yoga mat so it looks just right. And now, you’re wondering, is there anything I’m missing?

Relax, you’re more ready for teacher training than you think.

To send off this year’s spring trainees with a little OMB love, we have compiled a small list of training advice for you all. Enjoy!

  • Pack something that makes you feel comfortable, safe and home. Anything that can make you feel safe is invaluable during challenging moments.
  • LISTEN and OBSERVE now, judge later. You will have plenty of time to make up your mind about what you hear and experience in training. You will be pushed physically and mentally (sometimes intentionally), you will not agree with everything you hear, but it is not the time to judge. The more open you can be to listening and observing through your journey the more tools, knowledge and experiences you will have to become the best teacher you can be.
  • Record what you learn. There is no way you’ll be able to remember everything and training notes can be a valuable resource in the future. Many of the articles you see on OMB are the result of teacher training notes.
  • Make new friends from new countries. Teacher training is a great opportunity for networking. You never know who will give you a couch to sleep on when you are traveling, who will open a studio or can offer you the chance to guest teach. Try to venture out of your comfort zone and meet people from around the world. You won’t regret it.
  • Make connections to visiting studio owners and teachers, they are there to meet you so don’t be shy to say hello and ask questions, it is why they are there.
  • Don’t freak out. You aren’t going to die. Trust the process.
  • Listen to your body. If you cramp, you need electrolytes. If you are hungry eat. If you aren’t hungry, don’t.
  • Be patient. With your teachers, your fellow trainees, with the training staff, with the yoga. It is guaranteed that you will at some point get frustrated whether it is with yourself, with circumstance or with others. In those moments try to remain open minded and take a deep breath.
  • Master the art of the power-nap. In down time between class and lecture, in final savasana, before class starts,(not during lecture, unless you want to face the sleep police) take a shot nap. The key to power napping is to only sleep for 20 minutes. This amount of time allows the body to fit in one REM cycle which is the most restful cycle of sleep. Sleeping longer will signal to the body that you are going down for a full nights sleep and will result in grogginess.
  • Enjoy your day off. Whether you chose to cook, travel, sight-see or hang out by the pool, give yourself some time just for you. Put away the dialogue for a few hours and allow yourself to decompress. Use this time to socialize, connect to your trainees and live a little. Remember, we do yoga so that we can live fuller more rewarding lives, so don’t forget to live a little.

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