Posture Clinic: Fixed-Firm Pose

by Barbora Simek

Fixed Firm Pose


Fixed Firm Pose photo credit: Bikram Yoga on the Hill, Boulder Colorado visit their great site here!

Extension of

  • Quadriceps muscles
  • Spleen
  • Lymph glands in arm pits
  • Ankles

Compression of

  • Knees
  • Adrenal glands
  • Lower Back

Physical Benefits

  • Improves circulation to kidneys, liver, pancreas and bowels.
  • Rebuilds the flexibility of the knees and ankles
  • Helps to boost the immune system through stimulation of the spleen.
  • Helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, particularly the lymph glands of the arm-pit.
  • Helps with digestion problems including indigestion, gas, constipation.
  • Good for asthma and respiratory conditions.
  • Stimulates adrenal glands through creating pressure and compression in the lower back.
  • Muscles of the thighs, abdomen and pelvis are stretched.
  • Helps to flush knees and ankles of calcium deposits, scar tissue and arthritic starts.
  • Helps to minimize menstrual pain for women.
  • Helps with sciatica, gout and varicose veins.

Energetic Benefits

  • Regular practice of this asana helps to activate kundalini energy.
  • Helps to liberate sexual energy, helping you maintain sexual longevity with age.

Posture Tips

Fixed firm pose is particularly challenging for athletes and those suffering from knee injuries. It is important to recognize that this is an anatomically correct asana, and helps to rebuild a natural flexibility of the joint.

ALWAYS maintain correct alignment, heels touching with the hips, just as the dialogue says. This will ensure the ligaments of the knees and ankles are stretched evenly building balanced flexibility.

DO NOT compensate in the posture by changing the position of your feet. Your ankles should be straight, toes pointing to the back wall.

DO correct the depth of the posture if you feel pain, less is more.

Posture Tips from the Pros

ALWAYS keep your knees on the floor. – Bikram

“Do not mess with the knees, you can mess with the Gods but you cannot mess with the knees” – Bikram Choudhury

Even if you are experiencing pain in the pose, start with your knees together and your heels touching your hips to ensure proper alignment. Once you have the alignment, then separate the knees as much as you need. – Emmy


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2 responses to “Posture Clinic: Fixed-Firm Pose

  1. Tatyana

    Hi there,

    Could you please advise if it’s safe to keep this pose for two sets without a break in between. I love it and it feels really good for my body. Last time I was holding it for two sets without a break i was told off by the teacher with no explanation why

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Tatyana,

      The reason why you return to savasana between poses is because it created a huge circulatory benefit for the body. When you are in the pose, not only are you stretching and strengthening, you are compressing your circulatory system. In a pose like fixed firm, you retain blood-flow in the thighs and calves while limiting the blood to the knees and the ankles. When you relax in savasana that blood rushes through the joints litteraly pressure washing away the build up of calcium deposits, arthritic starts and scar tissue. If you hold the pose the whole time you stretch deeper but decrease a big part of the medical benefit.

      Also, much of the class is about discipline and part of that is moving with the class in and out of the postures regardless of personal preference. It is less about control and more about becoming a disciple of the poses and unlocking the mental benefits as well as the physical benefits of the series.

      If you feel like you need more fixed firm, stay after class and do some of the pose in the hot room before you leave. Just always to remember to follow any post class stretching with a 20 second savasana.

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