Top 5 features on

Early in my teaching career I spent hours pouring over The more time I spent, the more I learned about the wonderful resources that are in the pages. Unfortunately sometimes these destinations took hours of digging.

To help you find the goodies, OMB has come up with a Top 5 list of our favorite pieces of information on

1) The Class Finder

The class finder lists all Certified Bikram Yoga College of Studios around the world. This is a great tool for anyone who travels, teaches and practices.

2) The Herniated Disk Testimonial

Photo: Bikram Yoga College of India

Written by Sara Curry of Bikram Yoga Portsmouth NH, this testimonial tells you exactly why Bikram Yoga is good for the spine, outlines the anatomy of back pain and gives useful pose by pose directions for those with herniated disks.

3) The Five Aspects of the Mind

Simply scroll all the way to the bottom of the testimonial page to find the article.

An in depth look at the five aspects of the mind : patience, faith, self-control, hard work and concentration.

4) Asana names in Sanskrit and photos

If you have ever wondered what the postures are called in Sanskrit, check this page. If you click on the English names of the poses, you can see sample photos of the postures.

5) The Teacher Training Scholarship

If you have ever have wanted to go to teacher training and haven’t had the means, this is definitely the best spot of you to check out. According to the site, two scholarships are available per training so fill out your form today!

Happy Surfing!

*special thanks to Juliana Olmstead for helping us find the link URL’s


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