Bikram Yoga Poetry by Mahogany Browne

by Mahogany Browne

Poet, Mahogany Browne. Photo:

I was fortunate enough to meet slam poet Mahogany Browne through a dance project years ago. Through the years her profound work has always stayed with me. This week OMB is proud to feature poetry by Mahogany.

Here is a little more about her…

The Cave Canem Fellow is the Editor of the women’s anthology His Rib: Stories, Poems & Essays by HER and author of several books including her latest book of poems: Swag.

She has released five LPs including the live album Sheroshima. As co-founder of the Off Broadway poetry production, Jam On It, and co-producer of NYC’s 1st Performance Poetry Festival: SoundBites Poetry Festival, Mahogany bridges the gap between lyrical poets and literary emcee.

Her freelance journalism can befound in magazines Uptown, KING, XXL, The Source, Canada’s The Word and UK’s MOBO. She facilitates performance poetry and writing workshops throughout the country, focusing on women empowerment and youth mentoring.

She is the publisher of Penmanship Books, a small press for performance artists and owns PoetCD.Com, an on-line marketing and distribution company for poets. Mahogany is currenlty host and curator at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

Without further ado the work of Mahogany Browne…..

porno yoga

for the yoga teacher that told us we were quite loud for a class. we were renamed the porno yoga class

the mat
the moan
the wet
the sweat
the breath
deep breath
beneath the press
of palms

flesh to flesh
bone to flesh
sweat between
it all

dripping hot
fire in chest
spine stretch
veterbrea stretch
fingers stretch
breathe deep
moan deep inside


“suffer in silence”



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3 responses to “Bikram Yoga Poetry by Mahogany Browne

  1. Ah! I freaking love this! I can imagine it to the beat of hand-slapped drums, palms red, brow dripping, feet stomping, breath heaving, and a room still and waiting.


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