Bishnu Ghosh Cup – Youth Girls’ Results

Here are the final scores for the youth girl’s division, we will have the boy’s scores as soon as possible.

Girls Bishnu Ghosh Cup Results
1. Mei Ling Lu Singapore 62.4
2 Stacey Boulaev USA California 61.5
3 Katherine Marshall-Kramer USA Kansas 57.9
4 Jessica Sisco USA California 56.2
5. Isabel Marshall-Kramer USA Kansas 54.8
6. Madeline Figlewski USA Maryland 54.1
7. Monica Rao USA Texas 54
8. Mishaelle Kemp USA California 53.7
9. Haleigh Darnell USA Illinois 51.9
10. Emily Dichi Mexico 51.8
11. Katherine Seal USA Missouri 51.8
12. Karla Gonzalez Mexico 51.1
13. Jadyn Meyer USA Oregon 50.9
14. Dabney Powell USA Tennessee 48
15. Codi Petrie USA Nevada 44.1
16. Sally Carttar USA Kansas 43.3

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