Bishnu Ghosh Cup – Mens International Standings

If you missed the Mens competition on YogaCup, here are the international standings going into the semi-finals which will be held tomorrow! Results have been provided by The Bishnu Ghosh Cup orginizers on YogaCup.

Current first place holder in the Men's International Bishnu Ghosh Cup: Joseph Enciana.

Name Final Score
. Joseph Encinia 72.1
. Kasper Van Den Wijngaard 71.1
. Bel Carpenter 67.8
. Ondrej Hartman 64.4
. Matthew Farci 63.5
. Pavel Haki 62.2
. Paul/Pablo de Haas 62
. Darek Przytula 61.6
. Ryan Federau 59.6
. Santiago Solis 59.4
. Jesus Adrian Alarcon Damain 58.8
. TD Michel 58.2
. Brett Humble 57.8
. Edward Solidon 57.3
. Balazs Heller 56.9
. Umang Dawn 55.5
. Richard Samson 55
. Jonathan Yang 53.4
. Timotheus Schlaepfer 49.8
. Simon Daniells 43.1
. Deepak Bhardwaj


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4 responses to “Bishnu Ghosh Cup – Mens International Standings

  1. marjorie wong

    nice work OMB, nice work.

  2. It’s been so fun watching the competition. I’m hoping Joseph snags it this time! What energy and stillness his postures radiate!

  3. juliana

    Deepak made it to the hotel eventually (was delayed by snow, flew in this morning) and ended up I think 2nd or 3rd among the guys – he’s definitely in the finals tomorrow. Will write you something after the weekend – no free time at all here so far!! Bikram’s in a great mood, the competitors are gorgeous, yoga is amazing, and life is good. šŸ˜‰

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