Diary of a Yogi: Why you should switch to short shorts….

By Erik Fulkerson

Eric is a student in sunny California, he has been practicing for five years and is inching his way closer and closer to teacher training. Check out his short short story below!

I didn’t wear short-shorts from the beginning because they were not available to me. But that changed on a trip to the Bikram Yoga Studio in Costa Rica. I had been losing weight and my surf trunks were falling off. Not to mention, the long trunks grabbed my knees in awkward and many other poses causing me to adjust them rather than focusing on breathing.

So, I decided it was time to get some short shorts.

Erik Fulkerson in Triangle Pose

The next day before class, I rode my bike early to the grocery store and found a pair of small tight-blue-trunks in the underwear section for $4.99. The shorts had a tag right in front that said Casino (plenty of jokes to go around). I was so excited to get to class and try them out that I had left them on the checkout counter. Luckily, another teacher gave me a ride back to retrieve them.

When I first saw myself in the mirror I thought, “Wow, I can sport these!” My only concern was if they would hold them selves up in forward fold.

While I was tracking down my shorts, the class had filled up with an all girls surf camp! I walked into the room and just  thought, “Here you go ladies!” and dove into my practice. Needless to say I practiced with confidence!

Since then I have purchased a true pair of black and red Bikram short shorts and love them a whole lot more. I now prefer using short shorts because of their flexibility the way it allows the teacher to analyze my posture better.

The Casinos have now been retired to my wife’s ‘sexxy dresser’.


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9 responses to “Diary of a Yogi: Why you should switch to short shorts….

  1. A yoga practice is all about the unlayering. At least, for me it is. Layers of self, of skin, of soul—and of clothing! I think as yogis become more accustomed to their practices, more confident in their bodies, and less inclined to focus on the flaws in the mirror, then the less clothing they wear. Like everything we face in that hot room, let it go!

  2. Yes, agree with Hannah. I’ve been like an onion with my Bikram practice over the years. Another layering is coming off emotionally in this current challenge I am doing.

    It took me two full years to go from yoga pants to yoga shorts in the hot room. And lately, I’ve been thinking it is time to go even shorter.


    Could I be considering sporting Shaktis????

  3. “Here you go, ladies!” Bwaaaaaahahaha… that’s the way to do it! Wear ’em with pride!!

  4. Andrew Moniz

    I practiced two years before I started sporting tight shorts, my first pair of tight shorts were the Lulu Lemon bike shorts that went just above the knee. These were great, but after a couple months I found myself hiking them up high on my thighs!

    When I started practicing in Sydney at the Darlinghurst studio, the studio owner Darren Ma was on my ass every class; “Mr. Moniz! Shorts Shorts!” every class he would call me out! I too would find myself hiking the shorts up more and more between every posture, this became quite the distraction.

    I finally discovered the Shakti Activewear website were I purchased my first pair of scandalous yoga shorts. Since then I have never looked back! It’s not uncommon now to see me rocking out a hot red Shakti speedo in the hot room. Guys don’t be intimidated by the short shorts, they look sexy as!

    Who wears short shorts?! Bikram! Wears short shorts!!
    Weeeeeeerk it out!

  5. Oh man… “Casino”… I am biting my tongue! Great post. And Hannah rocks out with the great comment–you stole the words out of my mouth, woman!

    It was really, really hard for me to take off the tank top and just sport the exercise bra the first time. I have my share of body issues and have some back acne that I am self-conscious about. But I remember getting up to do pranayama a couple of months after I came back, and I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, “this is IT. This extra layer has got to GO.” Very liberating moment. No to the excess costume, yes to yourself!

    • somanyplums

      and its amazing how much more comfortable it is without the tank. you realize it actually gets in the way. It’s great to embrace all of your body, even the parts that seem funny- because you learn to let it go and just go further into the practice.

  6. Went to the US Championships today.
    At the Bikram shop they are selling last years short short’s for $5. They are in a basket and they have more in a bag under the table I think.
    I bought 4.

    It’s funny cause sometimes I will notice that there are students that find it very difficult to look at themselves in the mirror. Part of the practice is facing yourself. Being able to face yourself everyday can build confidence. Especially as you improve.

    Short shorts eliminate any distractions. They are more comfortable. Things don’t shift around so much.

    I think, for North American men, switching to short shorts is a rite of passage. There is something Euro about wearing a bikini bottom that is a hurdle to the average male ego. We just aren’t comfortable showing that much thigh. But one day, adjusting the shorts becomes too annoying. You notice your body is looking better and you know you are in love with the yoga. And you say, “Fuck it.” And you get a pair. And you wear them and you feel weird.

    You realize everything looks better. You suck in your belly more. You lengthen your spline more. You come to grips with the fact that you are a yoga nut, you don’t care if everyone knows it, and you are probably going to rock MF out.

    At my home studio our owner Val is always talking about how your yoga practice can give you confidence, and how confidence in your self is the most attractive quality. During our anniversary party she gives awards to honor dedicated students. I think almost every guy that wins an award ends up wearing short shorts.

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