Community: Support your Bikram Bloggers

OMB has updated our link list to include other bloggers, here is our list of places you should check out! We are constantly looking for more great places to get more info, so please let us know if you know of places we should visit!!

Other Bikram Blogs

Lock The Knee

Juliana Olmstead aka thedancingj tells us all about her journeys through beginners, advanced and teacher training.

Hannah, just breathe

Hannah blogs beautiful and often poetic reflections on her Bikram practice.


Lori Givens of Bikram Yoga Memphis blogs about healthy eating for yogis.

Noho Yoga

Bikram Yoga Teacher, Charlie Hubbard, blogs about the stories and knowledge he gains during his travels through the Bikram world.

Lucy’s Yoga Adventure

Bikram Yoga Teacher, Lucy, travels across the US in search of attaining as much knowledge about teaching and running a studio as possible.

Chronicles of a Bikram Yogini

Bikram Teacher, graphic designer, mother and knowledge seeker Danielle blogs about her Bikram journey.

Bikram Bootcamp

Jenn from Seattle wrote in this completed Teacher Training blog EVERY DAY (an amazing feat!), a great resource for those considering TT.

Mind Playground

Copywriter turned Bikram Yoga Teacher, Mei writes about teaching and practicing.

Bikram Boogy

Bikram Yoga Teacher and star performer Paul McQuillan’s completed blog about his teacher training.

Bikram Yoga Challenge Bloggers

Bikram 101

Guest Bloggers from around the world join Heather Molina in her 101 Day Challenge and share their stories day by day.

60 Bikram Yoga Challenge

Bikramyogachick blogs from Bikram Yoga Summerlin.

Year Long Yoga Bender

la leah blogs about her journey doing 10 back-bends every day for a year.

Action JoJo’s World

Another Bikram 101 Blogger chronicles her challenge day by day.

A Happy Yogi’s Blog

Coming from Stockholm, Sweden; Happy Yogi blogs about the 101 Challenge.

Bikram 60 Day Challenge



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4 responses to “Community: Support your Bikram Bloggers

  1. Awwww, this is really sweet of you!!

    One blog I would add to your list is by Jenn. She blogged EVERY DAY from Spring 08 teacher training in Acapulco. It’s NOT active anymore… but let me repeat, she blogged EVERY DAY from teacher training. I’ve recommended it to a lot of people who were getting ready for teacher training, and they all found it helpful.

    Now I’ll have to bug Charlie to start writing his blog again… hah…

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! We are lucky indeed to have such a community of yogis so willing to share their experiences with and thoughts about this yoga.

  3. ahappyyogi

    Thank you for letting the world know about me! And you are doing such a great work with this page, I enjoy it big time!

  4. No problem guys, I am happy that we can all start connecting more and more. Please feel free to guest blog for us anytime!!

    Juliana I added the yogabootcamp one! Thanks for the suggestion!

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