Community: Please Support Jason Winn

I remember the first time I met Jason Winn very clearly.

He had come to our training, and described how at his studio (now closed) he taught all his students to align their mats, water-bottles and fold their towels so that the yoga room would be organized.

From that moment, I decided I loved him.

Jason was one of my favorite guest teachers at teacher training; he was tough, precise, knowledgeable and incredibly humble.

“When a student has a good class, always remember: it is not about you, it is about the yoga.” Jason Winn

Last week, I read this heart-breaking statement released by :

Jason Winn senior Bikram Yoga teacher, is known and loved by many students and teachers throughout the world. Over the last few years Jason conducted Bikram Yoga workshops and retreats all around the globe. Unfortunately, Jason was in the hospital last year with double pneumonia for a few months and has not been able to work since February 2009. He has been recovering in Austin, but recently had a relapse and needs financial assistance to get treatment.

Jason’s sister has set up a pay-pal account to help cover his health-care costs, you can also mail cheques by following the link below.

Jason is an invaluable member of the yoga community, please support him in any way you can.




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4 responses to “Community: Please Support Jason Winn

  1. YogiBaby

    How sad that after everything he did for Bikram professionally and personally, there is no insurance or personal assistance from the man of many cars, silk suits and diamond-encrusted watches. Yoga is just the means to his means, I guess.

    • To be fair, no one knows what Bikram himself has contributed or not contributed to Jason. It would be unfair for us to judge Bikram without knowing the full details.

      While working as a private contractor has its privileges, a huge downside of being a Bikram Yoga teacher that there is no insurance, seniority or job security. That being said, some studios do a wonderful job at providing these services for their teachers.

      It is a tricky situation to say the least.

  2. YogiBaby

    “…recently had a relapse and needs financial assistance to get treatment.”

    This says it all, ohmybikram. To be fair.

  3. I’m not dismissing your concern or comments, I am just saying we don’t have all the information.

    It is an unpleasant situation to say the least and I hope that we all, including Bikram and BYCOI, can do our part to help Jason in his time of need.

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