Letter from the Editor

Dear Yogis,

Over a year ago I boarded a red-eye flight and moved to Toronto. I knew no one in this city, aside from a few distant family friends and acquaintances I had gathered over the years. But I knew I had a yoga family, a community of hot-yoga-loving yogis that would accept me with open arms.

Moving is hard, and it took a year for the emotional haze of relocation to lift. When it did I opened my eyes to all the Toronto yoga scene had to offer, I found friends, bosses, colleagues and students that inspired, supported and encouraged me. Somewhere along the way, in between sweaty mats and coconut waters, the idea for OhMyBikram was born.

I have always known that I don’t want to be a studio owner, but that I wanted to do a bigger part to bring this yoga to people. I wanted to help all of us understand our practice through connecting to each other, studio owners, teachers, and students alike.

As I searched online, I realized that there was no place, no publication that brought our community together. So I got to it, thinking that maybe I could reach the yogis of Toronto and one day grow my project to include other cities.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Within our first week, OMB saw 1,2oo unique views. Yesterday, we saw 1,200 unique views in one day. People from all over the world are coming here to read these stories: your stories, our stories.

I cannot express the gratitude that this has inspired in me. Your visits, comments, suggestions and contributions have inspired me in way I never thought possible. Ideas are flowing, and we have so many things in the works to help us all connect, learn, laugh and grow through this great practice we all love.

I encourage you all to get in touch with us, we welcome your ideas, feedback, contributions and suggestions. I, along with all the contributors at OhMyBikram, am so excited to grow our connection to each of you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for turning my humble idea into my living dream.

Love and light,

Barbora Simkova

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3 responses to “Letter from the Editor

  1. Andrew Moniz

    No Barb, Thank you!

    You are doing really great thing here for the Bikram community. With studios popping up in cities all over the world, this yoga is really growing! OhMyBikram is such a great way for the community to stay connected. Lets spread the word and the love!

    Stay bendy ya’ll!

  2. Yes, this site is an excellent idea, Barbora, and an excellent effort on your part to connect yogis near and far. I can’t wait to participate and to watch our community of yogis grow.

  3. tea

    I am glad you moved to TO, otherwise I won’t be reading this.. and obtw, I am not even in the Americas! I found you because I am doing the 30 day challenge.. Great work Barb!

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