Diary of a Yogi: Andrew’s Dialogue Dreams

by Andrew Moniz

Teacher Andrew Moniz of Bikram Yoga Red Tree, Forest Hill and Bloor comes to us fresh after his vacation to Cuba to share with us his Diary of a Yogi…

When one decides to become a Bikram Yoga teacher they make a commitment to attend Teacher Training. Led under the supervision of Bikram Choudury and his family teacher training is a grueling nine week affair that brings people together from around the world for one sole purpose: Bikram Yoga.

A big portion of the curriculum is learning the dialogue, word for word, verbatim (in class you hear your teachers spitting out dialogue for 90 minutes). The main purpose of the dialogue is to get students in and out of the 26 postures safely and take you out your “monkey mind” for the 90 minutes you spend in the hot room.

During the 9-week journey you eat, breathe and shit dialogue!

It becomes drilled into your DNA.

Before I went to training all my teachers would warn me about “dialogue dreams.” I heard stories of people talking dialogue in their sleep, or having crazy dreams of teaching yoga classes in full dialogue!

Lucie, one of Toronto’s teachers, told me she used to wake up in the middle of the night in half moon pose! Sure enough, many of my peers experienced these “dialogue dreams” but not I. So I just thought…

Maybe I wasn’t studying hard enough? Maybe, they were still to come…

Since getting back from training last June I have been teaching a rigorous schedule at four studios around the GTA, anywhere from 8-13 classes a week, which adds up to a lot of dialogue.

Still no dialogue dreams!

Last week I found myself enjoying lots of of sun, smiles and laughs (and of course yoga) on a one week Cuban vacation with 12 of my fabulous friends (amazing!)

It was the first time since  training that I hadn’t taught a class in a week! The longest I had gone prior to this was four days. In the absence of not physically teaching classes, I found myself at night, dreaming, of a hot room filled with all my favorite students!


My first dialogue dream!

Apperantly a vacation was all I needed to finally experience the “dialogue dreams.”

Every night vivid dreams appeared full of postures and students smiling happy faces, it was so bizarre!

I woke up one morning, four days into my trip, chanting verbatim dialogue to Triangle Pose! My roommate was bewildered. “Um Andrew I think you need to take a break from the yoga,” he said.


But, as the Pussy Cat Dolls say: “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it! Ju Ju Just might get it! Ju Ju Just might get it! Ju Ju Just might get it!”

I found myself one night, dream-teaching at Bikram Yoga Red Tree when all my students started rebelling against me in class. No one would properly go into their postures, I was guiding them into Eagle Pose and they were doing Standing Head to Knee!

Every time I called them out on it they would cut me dirty looks and rebel even more!

So now not do I have dialogue dreams, but now dialogue nightmares!



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7 responses to “Diary of a Yogi: Andrew’s Dialogue Dreams

  1. Oh man… I’m going to the next teacher training in Vegas, but I’ve been having dialogue dreams for YEARS! I used to literally say half moon in my sleep. I also had a dream about Bikram (years before I ever met him) where I was working as a waitress at a restaurant in south Boston, and he was sitting at my table getting pissed off because his onion rings were taking like an hour to come up…. hooooooooo boy…

    • Andrew Moniz


      If you have already had the dreams then you are WAY ahead of the game. The best thing about teacher training the the people you meet. If Bikram was waiting for onion rings I am sure he would make a scene, but from what I have scene he is more keen about peanuts and cheesecake.

      When you see him drinking a Coka Cola… MaHaaaaaBaaaarraaat!!!!
      It’s going to be a looooong ass night! Have Fun! Xo

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  3. when i’m stressed, i have yoga dialogue/teaching dreams. only, the students all rebel (in the ways that you describe in your dream), doing rockettes kick lines, break dancing, aerobics…depends on the dream. inevitably in the dream i find myself saying, “no no no NO we don’t DO that here!” the dialogue burrows in deep in some very funny ways. a friend of mine who was a gymnast reports that her stress dreams still involve gymnastics, even decades later.

    i had an encouraging backbend dream two nights ago – that i could do full wheel. (ha! not yet. someday, though!) it’s encouraging when you dream in another language, especially if that language is yoga. it means you’re really understanding it!

  4. Valerie

    I have dialogue nightmares when I am feeling guilty. Lay off the booze!
    I miss you! Come visit us in LA!

  5. Eureka! Congrats on the first dialogue dream! I can hardly believe you escaped TT without one 🙂 I don’t think the dialogue stopped in my mind the whole time 🙂 I would wake up in the night, only to hear it racing through my mind..Lock the knee..Lock the knee…LOCK THE KNEE!!!!!
    Hilarious story !!!

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