Yoga and Moisturizer

A commitment to Bikram Yoga usually means sacrificing moisturizer on the altar of your nice-tight-grip. But, in the cold days of winter , we all need a little help to keep our skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated. OMB has put together our favorite ways to moisturize without putting any slip in your grip.

Most moisturizers are a combination of oil and chemicals that help keep the oils emulsified and looking like lotion. What slicks you up in class is all the chemicals your skin is unable to absorb. The key to skin care with Bikram Yoga is to find products that are high in natural moisturizers, like oils, shea butter so that your skin can actually absorb. Here is a list of our favorite options:

Clockwise :

Lush Butter Cream Soap

This amazing hydrating soap is a great way to get your cleaning and moisturizing done. These soaps are 20% soap and 80% butters, oils and infusions.$15.90 -$17.90/ 200 g, Available at Lush Stores

Alba Kukui Nut Body Oil

Another great smelling nutty oil, Alba’s KuKui nut oil is a decadent way to kiss dry skin away. $9.95+ Available at most health food stores

Anu Shea Butter Skin Cream

This incredible shea butter cream is amazing for chapped dry winter skin. It smells delicious and soaks into your skin like nothing else. Our favorite ingredient on the content list? Love. $18 available at Bikram Yoga Forest Hill,

Nars Monoii Body Glow II

This decadent body oil is a sexy way to moisturize that will leave you thinking you are on a tropical vacation. It is one of Jennifer Lopez’ favorite products, and is good enough for us. $52, Available at Sephora, The Bay, Holt Renfrew


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