Student of The Week

Fourteen-year old Crystal is Toronto’s youngest 30 Day challenger. But it was less the yoga and more mom Arleen, a regular at Bikram Yoga Forest Hill, who inspired her to participate in the 30 Day Challenge. “She said that if I could do it, she would give me $100,” she said with a grin after her class on Wednesday night.

Crystal, the youngest Bikram Yoga Challenger in Toronto

Still, that $100 incentive lost its luster earlier this week when Crystal walked out of the studio and told owner Janice Guertin that she was going to quit. “I just felt so tiried, like I couldn’t do [the challenge] anymore,” she recalls. But Janice was determined to make her stay on. “I told her that she just can’t quit. She’s 14-years-old, the youngest challenger in Toronto, what an inspiration to teenage girls!” Janice said. With that encouragement she decided to continue, and got something different than her $100 dollar reward soon after.

In Wednesday’s steamy 7:30 class at Forest Hill, Crystal saw her toes over her head for the first time in bow pose. But more than just her postures have changed says Arleen, “I used to have to have to push her so hard to come, and tell her over and over again to go to yoga. But now, she is the one telling me, ‘Mom, come on we have to go, we have to get to yoga.’ ” Over half way through her 30 day challenge and Crystal says that her favorite part of class is coming every day, doing bow pose and the way the yoga makes it easier for her to focus on her school work.

We’ll be cheering Crystal on, and waiting to see what she choses to get with that $100 reward.


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  1. That is awesome! I wish I knew about Bikram yoga when I was 14… Would have been great to start healing my body before I added more damage to it as I became an adult. Good for Crystal! I hope here Mum is ready to pay up with $100!

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