Diary of a Yogi: Face of Determination

by Eddie Solidon

Eddie Solidon, Eastern Canadian Hatha Yoga Champion, dispatches from Bikram Yoga Toronto about his yoga adventures in his Diary of a Yogi…

Eddie Solidon in Tree Pose photo: Barbora Simek

I just finished day 31 of my ‘Do-as-many-classes-in-a-row-without-skipping-and-doubling-up’ Day Challenge. I’ve seen my practice come a long way in those 31 days and am getting told to move up to the first row to give new yogis some idea of how to do the postures.

Even when I was starting my practice in NZ and Aus, I had teachers encourage me to practice up in the first row. In Christchurch I always had it in my head that it was hotter up there and would kinda avoid it for that reason. But the real reason why I really try to avoid the front is so I don’t have to look up close and directly into what I call the Face of Determination or FoD.

What makes up the FoD?

It’s like a really aggressive sports action shot, with veins popping out and tendons and muscles in the face flexed, only it’s the opposite. This look has a soft gaze, yet eyes are focused intensely, no wrinkles in the brow or forehead, jaw relaxed, mouth closed while breathing normally through the nose, or as normal as you can.

It only really applies to the most of the standing series, since that’s when you’re looking at yourself in the mirrors and really need to concentrate.

You see, I’m short sighted and so I avoid the front because when I’m right up there I can actually see the Face in full effect. So, I tend to settle in around the second or third row depending on the lighting of the studio. I still need to be able to see that my throat is visible in Half Moon or that my fingers are pointing between my brow in Standing Bow. Any further back from the mirror and I’m just a blur in black tights.

But when I do end up real close to the front mirrors and the Face comes out ,(because it is definitely unavoidable) I definitely hold my postures longer.

Truth is, I’m just trying to get in tune with myself. The Face of Determination is just another aspect of my practice that I’ve come to notice , named but have yet to really come to terms with.

So, if you see me throwing myself a little Blue Steel in the mirror, I’m probably just trying to change things up a bit. I’m actually a little embarrassed when people see my FoD.

How do you like yours?

Namaste folks, Namaste.



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2 responses to “Diary of a Yogi: Face of Determination

  1. tea

    I’m on my 8th of 30 class and it was only during this session I had the courage to look me in the eyes.. I’m still in the back row though.. But I’m pretty happy I could “see” me during standing bow..

  2. Rachel

    This makes me laugh and laugh. Very true indeed! If the FOD of the standing series are the veins attempting to leap off ones face…. it is most certainly the forehead wrinkles during spine strengthening.

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