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OMB did some digging to bring you some great stories and resources about hatha yoga competition. Click on the quotes below to see the full length article or to access the website.


“Many yoga teachers do not like to see the physical aspect of yoga divorced from the spiritual or turned into a contest. “It perpetuates the idea that yoga is for lithe-bodied contortionists,” said Michael Alba, a yoga teacher in Boston.”

  •  Sara Eckel for The New York Times (check out the multimedia features!)


“If Benetton had done an underwear line with Whole Foods in the 80s, the competitors—sporting scrunchies, lycra, and liberal patchouli—would have been perfect models”

  • Anna Kavaliunas for Vanity Fair

 “Life is competition and Sri Aurobindo teaches: all of Life is Yoga and Yoga is Competition. Sports is any game where you have competitons and we can teach about emotions because this is yoga. Sports is Health and health is Yoga.” 

  •  Swami Shankarananda for the Bikram Yoga Expo


Should yoga become an Olympic event?

  • Discussion forum on Yoga Journal’s website


The competitive aspect takes place in the realm of hatha yoga. There have been yoga competitions in India for a long time. Also Japan, South America, Europe. The only place there’s a lot of objection is here in the States.”

  • Tony Sanchez interviewed by Colleen Morton for Yoga Journal

“Can we… compare ancient competitions with the modern phenomena of competitive sports?”

  • Discover Yoga Online’s look at yoga and the Olympics


“The yoga asana championships promote yoga by creating the propulsion for dedicated yogis all over to rise to be the best they can be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The stage is set to allow these yogis to inspire the rest of us and the community at large to learn more about yoga and how its regular practice can help each of us be a healthier, happier and better person.”

  • Colorado Yoga Expo website


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